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Live Darshan Shri Mahalakshmi ,
Tulja Bhavani

1. Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur

The Shri Mahalakshmi (AmbaBai) Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India, is one of the Shakti Peethas listed in various puranas of Hinduism. According to these writings, a Shakti Peetha is a place associated with Shakti, the goddess of power. The Kolhapur Shakti Peetha is of special religious significance being one of the six places where it is believed that one can either obtain salvation from desires or have them fulfilled. The temple takes its name from Mahalakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, and it is believed that the divine couple reside in the area.

Navratra (nine nights) festival is celebrated for ten days during the Hindu months of Ashwin (around October). The daily routine of the temple is modified during this period. At 8.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. Abhishek is performed followed by Mahanaivedya and Aarti. Later at 2.00 p.m. the deity is decorated with all the ornaments. On all ten days at 9.30 p.m. the litter of the Goddess is decorated in different forms with flowers and lights and is taken out in procession in the temple complex. Government sponsored police and military band is played at the head of the procession. The event culminates at 10.30 p.m. when the litter returns to the Garud Mandap and is placed on a special pedestal. The Goddess then receives one canon salute. Various cultural programmes are organized by the Mahalakshim Temple Trust in these ten days.

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2. Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple, Tuljapur


Tulja Bhavani Temple (Marathi: श्री क्षेत्र तुळजा भवानी देवस्थान) is a Hindu temple of Goddess Bhavani. It is located in Tuljapur in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra and is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas. It is situated 45  km from Solapur. The temple was built in c. 12th century CE. Another Tulja Bhavani temple was built during 1537-1540 CE in Chittorgarh.[1][dead link] A third temple of Tulja Bhavani is in the village of Patnakuva Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The Goddess is called swayambhu. Legends say that the Goddess came here from Tuljapur here in the 14th century.

The second among the 'Shaktipeeths' is Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur. It is the family deity of the Bhosale Royal family, the Yadavs and of countless numbers of families belonging to different castes. The founder of the Maratha kingdom, Shivaji Maharaj always visited the temple to seek her blessings. It is believed that the Goddess gave him a sword - 'the Bhawani sword' - for success in his expeditions. The history of the temple has been mentioned in the ' Skanda_Purana '. There was a sage known as "Kardam" After his death his wife "Anubuti" had performed a penance at the banks of river "mandakini " for Bhavani mata to look after her infant child. While performing the penance the demon known "Kukur" tried to disturb her penance during which the Goddess came to the aid of "Anubuti" and killed the demon "Kukur". From that day onwards the Goddess Bhavani came to be known as Tulja Bhavani. The temple is located on the hill of "Bala ghat"

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3. Shri Saptashrungi Temple, Nashik


Saptashrungi or Saptashringi ( सप्तश्रृंगी, Saptaśrr̥ṇgī) is a site of Hindu pilgrimage situated 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Nashik. According to Hindu traditions, the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini dwells within the seven mountain peaks. (Sapta means seven and shrung means peaks.) It is located in Nanduri, Kalwan taluka, a small village near Nashik in India. Devotees visit this place in large numbers every day. The temple is also known popularly as one of the "three and half Shakti Peethas" of Maharashtra. The temple is also one among the 51 Shakti Peethas located on the Indian subcontinent and is a location where one of Sati's (first wife of Lord Shiva) limbs, her right arm is reported to have fallen.

सप्तश्रृंगी  एकपूर्णपीठ
पूर्वी  दक्षाने  बृहस्पती  सव नावाचा  मोठा  यज्ञ  केला. या यज्ञाला भगवान शंकर यांना न बोलावीता सर्व देवांना बोलावले. शिवपत्नी सती या यज्ञाला आमंञण नसतांनाही गेली. यज्ञात शिवाला अविर्भाव दिला गेला नाही. त्यामुळे सतीने यज्ञात उडी घेतली. शंकरजींना हे कळाल्यानंतर त्यांनी यज्ञाचा विध्वंस केला. सतीचे कलेवर हातात घेऊन श्री शंकर ञिलोकात हिंडू लागले. ही स्थिती पाहुन विष्णुने सुदर्शन चक्र सोडले व सतीच्या शरीराचे ५१ तुकडे केले. हे तुकडे ५१ ठिकाणी पडले. हीच ५१ शक्तीपीठे म्हणुन गणली जाऊ लागली. महाराष्ट्रात शक्तीचे साडेतीन शक्तीपीठे आहेत.

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Live Darshan: Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir, Pandharpur

||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||      ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||     ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||

"श्री विठ्ठल व श्री रुक्मीणी मातेचे" भाविकांसाठी दर्शन २४ तास चालू राहते. आषाढ शु॥११ या दिवशी रात्रो १२.३० वाजता श्री खाजगीवाले यांची पाद्यपूजा होते. रात्रो १ वाजता "श्री" ची नित्यपूजा होते. त्यानंतर शासकीय महापुजा पहाटे २.२० ते साधारण ४.०० वाजेपर्यंत होते. आषाढी पोर्णीमेनंतर चांगला दिवस पाहून साधारणपणे २ ते ४ दिवसांनी "श्री" ची व रुक्मीणी मातेकडे प्रक्षाळ पूजा केली जाते. त्यादिवशी श्री विठ्ठलास व रुक्मीणीमातेस अलंकार घातले जातात. व रात्रो शेजारती नंतर देवाचा शिणवटा घालविणेसाठी "श्री" स आर्युवेदीकयुक्त असा काढा तयार करुन दाखविला जातो. व त्या दिवसापासून "श्री" चे नित्य उपचार चालू होतात.

"विठ्ठल रुक्मिणी" ऑनलाईन दर्शन: 

विठ्ठल दर्शन

>>  Alternative Link For Live Darshan येथे क्लिक करा (Click Here) 

रुक्मिणी देवी दर्शन

Note: PC users Required VLC player
OR Use MX Player (For Android users)

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||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||      ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||     ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||    ||जय जय राम कृष्ण हरी||



Best Anti Ransomware Tools for Windows

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a term used for the malware that attack computers to extort money from users. It attack the computers and block the access of important data, which needs to buy a key from the malware creator to open the access. Actually they encrypt the data with a key and only that key can decrypt that data. It is one of the growing threat in the year 2016. Even FBI is not fully able to control them. So we have to keep ourselves aware about these threats to avoid them.

Ransomware require an exploit to enter the system and activated itself. Exploits are programs which look venerability into your system to find out a way to enter into the system and then call other serious Trojan and Ransomware in the system. Now the question is how can we block these ransoware and protect our system from attacks. Below is a list of Software and tools which can help your to protect from Ransomware and Cryptoware. Though recovering damage done by these Ransomware is almost impossible but you can remove the exploits and stop them entering again in your system. See the below list of Best Anti-Ransomware Software for Protection.

Best Ransomware Protection Software for 2017

These tools are best to vaccinate your computer to protect from Ransomware attacks. Check these Best Anti Ransomware Software.

1. Cybereason RansomFree

Get ransomware protection for your PC with RansomFree

Protects against 99% of ransomware, including new strains such as Petya/NotPetya.


Get the unfair advantage with Cybereason Total Enterprise Protection, the most effective EDR, next-gen AV and monitoring services available. We are offense-minded, born and bred to hunt.

2. Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware tool

Malwarebytes 3, which promises to deliver all-round protection like Bitdefender, comes with a great anti ransomware tool that protects your files. Apart from ransomware threats, Malwarebytes also protects you from fake websites and links. It wraps the programs and browser into 4 defense layers and stops attacks that exploit different vulnerabilities. Last year, the company also launched Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware Beta.

3. Kaspersky Anti Ransomware tool


The reputed cyber security firm Kaspersky offers a dedicated tool to numb the ransomware infections. Created for keeping businesses and small organizations safe from ransomware, this tool is available as a free download. Just like most of the security suites, you don’t need Kaspersky Lab security suite to be installed on your computer. You can download this great anti ransomware software by visiting this link and add an extra layer of protection. 

4. HitmanPro - Malware Removal


HitmanPro runs alongside your current antivirus, using its behavioral, deep-scanning technology to find and eliminate zero-day malware that has avoided detection. Every day a new host of next-gen malware is activated, and it can be found everywhere, even on trusted websites. Make sure your system is protected against the malware designed to slip through the cracks. 

5. Zemana Antimalware

Zemana Antimalware is based on its own signature database that removes the known and yet-to-be-born malware threats. One of the plus points of Zemana Antimalware is its lightweight and highly optimized nature that stores the virus definitions in the cloud to avoid cluttering the PC. In many independent security tests, including MRG Effitas, Zemana Antimalware was judged the best anti ransomware tool that one can use. It’s available in two versions. While the one with limited features is free, the commercialized version comes with a 14-day free trial. 

6. Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro Security is another antivirus suite that comes with a great anti ransomware tool that minimizes the risk of infection. The latest release of Trend Micro antivirus comes with a strong focus on ransomware removal software and protects you from WannaCry ransomware.


Join 'SwapnilTech' Telegram Channel

What's a Telegram channel?

Channels are a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. In fact, channels can have an unlimited number of members. When you post in a channel, the message is signed with the channel's name and not yours. You can appoint additional administrators to help you manage the channel. Unlike in groups, deleted posts will disappear for everyone, not just you. New members can see the entire message history in a channel once they join.

Download Telegram Application:

 Download Telegram App for Android 

 Download Telegram App for iOS

 Download Telegram App for Windows Phone

 Steps to Join SwapnilTech Telegram Channel:

 1. Download Telegram Official Messenger App. (From Above Link)

 2. Resister Using your Mobile number.

 3. If you already using Telegram App then skip 2nd step.

 4. Then goto 

 5. Click on "Join" Button at bottom.

 6. Done.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

# How to Activate Facebook Security:

Go to your  Facebook Account Settings  page.

# General Account Settings:

(Add a secondary email ID to your account)

In case your profile is hacked, Facebook will send account recovery information to the secondary email ID also. Before these steps, understand the privacy policy of Facebook.


  • Always keep your email id hidden from everybody for that go to my profile, and personal information, and let you id be visible to only you.
  • Also, remove all your email addresses, and change the primary one as the one which is known to you only.
  • Now for additional safety, use the secure browsing and send an email when logged into from another browser option active in your account.

Change Password:
Change your passwords regularly and use unique passwords. Don’t forget to activate your login notifications.
If you're logged into your Facebook account, you can change your password from your settings.
  • Click Password
  • Type your Current and New, Retype new Password
  • Click Save Changes
    Then Select Log Out Other Devices
  • Click Continue

Always use complex passwords like -  "$#@Swapniltech!"

# Security Settings:

Login Alerts:

Under "Login Notifications" you can select
'Get Notifications', 'Email' and 'Text Message Notification'

Facebook will notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven't used before.

Trusted Contacts:  (For Recover Facebook Account)

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding who to choose as a trusted contact. Remember that you’ll need to be able to contact them when you are locked out of Facebook, so don’t choose anyone you only know through the social network and do not have other contact details for.

Your Browsers and Apps:
Trusted Browsers includes a list of the browsers and devices (ex: your computer, your iPhone) that you've logged in from before and marked as trusted. You won't get notified about logins or have to confirm your identity from these devices.

You can view and edit the list of browsers, phones and tablets linked to your Facebook account


Where You're Logged In: (Disconnect Previous Active Sessions)

Facebook keeps a security log that lists your recently active Facebook sessions. This log displays the Web browser, operating system and IP address used to access the service, as well as the city where the user logged in (based on the IP address). If you're wondering if someone else is logging in to your Facebook account, check the log to see if it confirms your suspicions.

# Privacy Settings:

Who can look me up?

1. Who can look you up using the email address you provided?
 >  Friends / Only Me

2. Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?
 >  Friends / Only Me


# Don’t ‘Keep Me Logged In’


When you are at the login screen of facebook there you see an option Keep Me Logged In, Don’t keep it check as this will remain your account logged in that device and your account can be easily accessed by any other who is able to use the device, so also, remember the option Keep Me Logged In to be unticked each time you log in.

# Use Incognito / Private Browser Mode

When you are using the account in public such as in the hotel or in cafe use private mode or Incognito as it will prevent any cookies or web history from getting stored. But if you do not find any option then delete all the cookies and web history when you log out.

In Firefox Browser:
File  >  New Private Windows ( Ctrl + Shift + P)


In Google Chrome Browser:

 Options > New Incognito Windows ( Ctrl + Shift + N)

  • Never share your passwords with anyone including your friends and family.
    Browsing through a secure connection is always advisable.
  • Don’t get your news feed flooded with suspicious links. Ensure that you don’t click on any links of games, apps, and others that you are not sure of. 
  • Avoid permitting third party apps accessing your information. If you are not using any apps, it’s better to disable or remove those apps.
  • Ensure that you accept only persons you know as your friends as when you accept strangers, you allow them to access your personal information. It’s always better to avoid posting any financial or personal details.
  • Keep Your PC Security Updated. Nowadays one of the easiest processes to hack a Facebook account is phishing attacks. That's why always use a trusted antivirus program to detect those phishing sites. Besides it will help you to keep harmful keyloggers off your computer. And most importantly never forget to update its database. Ever. In addition to updating antivirus, keep your Firewall switched on and updated, use latest version of your favorite browser and download OS security updates regularly.

# Report Phishing Pages:

If you believe you've encountered a page designed to look like another page in an attempt to steal users' personal information, please complete the form below to report the page to the Google Safe Browsing team.

>>   Report Phishing Page



How To Scan Files & Url Online

Online Virus Scanner is web apps for scanning your infected files, URL's and website for Virus and Malicious Programs.


Virustotal is free website for scanning your infected files, urls and website. You can scan any suspected files and website from this online scanner website. This website use 60 different Antivirus engine for scanning your files and urls. Virustotal is owned by Google in 2012.


How to Use Online Virus Scanner – Virus Total

Step 1: Go to  from your browser.

Step 2: If you want scan suspected file for virus upload that file on Virustotal.(Max size is 128MB)

Step 3: In Virustotal, you scan particular Website URL  OR  whole website for malicious infected virus and trojans.

Step 4: Scan Files and Url from Online Scanner

Antivirus Engines: 46
Max Upload Size: 32MB
Upload Method: Web + SSL, Email Attachment, Windows Context Menu, Desktop Browser, Android
Upload Progress Meter: YES
Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES
Report Page Information: Analysis Date, SHA256, Detection, Comments, Votes, ssdeep, TrID, ExifTool, PE information, ClamAV PUA Engine, date and time of first and last seen in VirusTotal, file names.
Hash Search: YES
Scan Remote Files: YES. Go to Scan a URL > Enter direct download link and scan. At the report page, click on the downloaded file analysis hyperlink.

Alternative Online Virus Scanners:

2. Metascan 

Metascan-Online is a free online virus checker tool where you can upload any file and it would test it for the presence of viruses, worm and all kind of malwares. Along with file upload, you can also check any MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksum and remote IP address and find out if they contain any viruses. This is useful for check virus at the public computers like internet center.

The tool is pretty easy to use. You can head their homepage, click on “SELECT A FILE” to upload any file from use computer up to 140MB.

Antivirus Engines: 42
Max Upload Size: 50MB
Upload Method: Web + SSL
Upload Progress Meter: NO
Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES
Report Page Information: Analysis date, MD5/SHA1/SHA256, file size, detection, detection ratio via badge, individual AV engine scan time and definition date used.
Hash Search: YES
Scan Remote Files: NO  


 3. BullGuard Virus Scan

BullGuard Virus Scanner works with Firefox and Internet Explorer to quickly scan critical areas of a computer.
Once the browser extension is installed, BullGuard Virus Scanner starts in seconds to scan currently running processes, established network connections, autorun files, browser plugins, system folders, and the DLL and EXE files found in program installation directories. 


4. Jotti Malware Scan

Over 20 antivirus engines are used to scan up to 5 files at a time (with a 50 MB limit for each) that you upload to Jotti's Malware Scan.
The date and scan detection status of each antivirus engine is shown in an easy to read list so you can clearly see which ones did or didn't find the file to be dangerous. also includes a hash search if you wish not to upload a file but instead enter the MD5 or SHA-1 cryptographic hash function of a file. This will only work if the file was scanned by at an earlier date, by you or someone else.

Antivirus Engines: 20
Max Upload Size: 25MB
Upload Method: Web
Upload Progress Meter: YES
Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES
Report Page Information: Analysis date, MD5/SHA1, file size, detection, detection ratio.
Hash search: YES
Scan Remote Files: NO   


5. UnThreat 

This free online virus scanner uses the same scanning engine found in UnThreat Free AntiVirus to identify trojans, worms, and other malicious content.
With this website, you can upload one file at a time that is up to 30 MB in size. You can also scan URLs.  


6. VirSCAN:

VirSCAN has been around for quite a while as well and is another online scanner that support over 30 antivirus engines. Other than uploading individual files for scanning, it is able to automatically scan up to 20 files if they are compressed into one ZIP/RAR archive as long as it is less than 20MB in size. At the bottom of the scan report, there is a copy to clipboard button to paste the results on forums/emails/website. They are the slowest scanner when compared with the rest on this list because they scan the file with one antivirus at a time and not simultaneously.

Antivirus Engines: 37
Max Upload Size: 20MB
Upload Method: Web
Upload Progress Meter: YES with detailed progress
Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES
Report Page Information: Analysis date, MD5/SHA1, file size, detection, detection ratio, individual AV engine scan time, definition date and engine version.
Hash Search: No
Scan Remote Files: No

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